Yale Adopts New Targets to Help Safeguard the Environment

Yale University has adopted new environmental goals on recycling and other issues recommended by its Advisory Committee on Environmental Management (ACEM) in its ongoing effort to make Yale a leader in environmental responsibility.

“With the adoption of these goals and targets, Yale is demonstrating a comprehensive and progressive commitment to environmental superiority,” said Thomas Graedel, chair of ACEM and professor of industrial ecology at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. “In the spirit of Earth Day, our committee will continue working with the Provost and others in the University to monitor progress on these topics and to suggest additional goals and targets for the future.”

The new environmental management goals include increasing the purchase of recycled office supplies, performing sustainability analyses for selected construction and renovation projects, purchasing hybrid vehicles, reducing multiple forms of waste, and increasing the recycling rate. Each of the goals has a specific target, to be realized over one to three years. In addition, ACEM will continue to refine goals for reduction in overall energy use over the coming months.

“The President and Trustees join me in endorsing these goals,” said University Provost Susan Hockfield. ” We will look to ACEM, together with other environmental groups around the University, to encourage and inspire the campus community in our dedication first to first meet, and then to surpass, these targets. By doing so, we will not only improve the environment for our own benefit and enjoyment, but more importantly, for the generations that follow.”

ACEM members include faculty, students and staff of the University. The recommendations developed by ACEM and adopted by the University reflect environmental concerns and ideas brought to the ACEM by members of the Yale community.

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Media Contact

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