Graduate School Student Stipends to Rise Again Next Year

Yale University Dean Peter Salovey has announced a significant increase in financial aid for doctoral students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Yale.

The nine-month stipend for both entering and continuing students in the humanities and social sciences in the 2004-2005 academic year will rise to $17,000 from the current standard minimum of $16,000. The University Dissertation Fellowship, generally awarded in the fifth year of study, will also rise to $17,000. These represent increases of 6.25 percent.

Stipends for entering and continuing students in the sciences depend on field of study, but also will increase. Financial support for doctoral students in the sciences is always at least as generous as the standard Graduate School stipend, and often more so.

“These improvements will enable doctoral students to progress steadily in their programs, as well as allow Yale to maintain its strength among graduate schools at other leading universities,” said Dean Salovey.

Stipends are awarded for five years to all students in doctoral programs. In addition, all doctoral students are granted full tuition waivers; they are provided free health coverage for themselves and may purchase health coverage for their dependents at a 50 percent discount.

Dean Salovey announced that summer stipends will also be increased beginning with the summer of 2005 from $3,000 to $3,500-an increase of 16.67 percent. Summer stipends are awarded for two summers to all entering Ph.D. students in the humanities and social sciences.

In announcing these increases, Dean Salovey added, “I am pleased that we have been able to continue to improve graduate student financial aid significantly. Moreover, we no longer restrict the use of the Summer Support Fellowships to the first two years; now, the ability to use the Summer Support Fellowships in any two of the first five summers should allow graduate students more flexibility in planning their studies.”

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