Three Seniors Recognized for Intramural Sportsmanship

Three Yale seniors received the Robert E. Lewis Award during Senior Class Day exercises on May 25.

The award is presented each year to the senior (or seniors) who has shown commitment and high ideals as a participant in intramural sports. The awards were presented by Steven B. Smith, master of Branford College and the Alfred Cowles Professor of Political Science, who also serves as chair of the Council of Masters Committee on Athletics.

This year’s recipients are Laura Bufford of Ezra Stiles College (one of Yale’s 12 residential colleges), Michael MacKenzie of Silliman College and Peter Walker of Branford College.

Bufford, who comes from Plano, Texas, majored in history. MacKenzie hails from West Chester, Ohio, and majored in English and political science. Walker is from St. Georges, Prince Edward Island, Canada, and majored in history.


The Robert E. Lewis Award is awarded to a senior man and woman who best demonstrate the highest ideals of athletics and intramural competition. This year the Robert E. Lewis Award is awarded to three persons who we believe best exemplify the spirit of this award.

For your leadership on and off the field, your devotion to encouraging broad participation, and for consistently gracious behavior to her own teammates and others, we recognize LAURA BUFFORD of Ezra Stiles College.

A Phi Beta Kappa and English major, you are known in your college as “Mr. IM,” the designer of the Silliman Salamander suit, and the highlight of your college’s bowling season, we recognize MICHAEL MACKENZIE of Silliman College.

Last by not least, you have been an IM secretary for the past three years, have played on or captained virtually every team, have served as the IM statistician for this past year (and did not cook the numbers), we are glad to recognize “Canada Pete” PETE WALKER of Branford College.

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