Yale Women Faculty Forum Hosts Seminar Series on Women in Antiquity

A seminar series hosted by the Women Faculty Forum and the classics department at Yale will shed light on the status of women in the Greek and Roman Empires and reveal some of the distinctly feminine customs and rituals that were common in the ancient world.

The series will begin on February 10, with a presentation by Ann Hanson, a member of the classics department at Yale. The lecture, about a particular childbirth practice in ancient Rome, is titled “A Long-lived ‘Quick Birther’: The Story of a Birthing Amulet.” Respondent of this seminar is Naomi Rogers, who teaches women’s and gender studies and history of medicine at Yale. This symposium will take place in Room 309 of William L. Harkness Hall, 100 Wall Street.

The second seminar, “Women at the Center or Margin? The Female Choruses of Greek Tragedy,” will take place on March 3, in the same location. The presenter is Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz, the Margaret Bundy Scott Professor of Comparative Literature at Hamilton College; the respondent, Margaret Homans, Yale professor of English and women’s and gender studies.

The final symposium, on gender and sexuality in Roman art, is on April 3. Natalie Boymel Kampen, the Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Women’s Studies and Art History at Barnard College, will present a paper titled “Antinoos, Lover or Son of Hadrian? The Representations of Desire in Roman Imperial Art.” The symposium respondent is Diana E. E. Kleiner, Deputy Provost for the Arts and the Dunham Professor of Classics and History of Art at Yale. Location to be announced.

All seminars, which are free and open to the public, take place 4:30-6 p.m.

For more information, contact Shilpa Raval at shilpa.raval@yale.edu.

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