Interactive Event to Demonstrate New Technologies for the Disabled

Yale University will host a hands-on exposition of technologies designed to support individuals with disabilities.

The “Assistive Technology Exposition,” part of the celebration of Yale’s Tercentennial, will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 11, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Cross Campus, between College and High streets. The event is sponsored by the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Resources for Students and Employees with Disabilities.

In order to increase general awareness of the kinds of resources that are available to students and employees of Yale, the exposition will include both demonstrations and opportunities to try some of the special equipment.

Software that converts speech to text, text to speech and text to Braille will be demonstrated. Additional exhibits will include notes written on a whiteboard that can be translated into a computer file; a wheelchair designed by a Yale College senior to navigate a sandy beach; a wheelchair that can stand a person upright; radio transmitters that amplify sounds and speech; academic texts produced on audiotapes; and machines that magnify images for the visually impaired.

Visitors will be able to test their skills using foot pedals to move a cursor on a computer monitor. They will also be able to drive an electric cart and try out a trackball and an ergonomic keyboard. Products will be available to simulate what it is like to experience various degrees of vision loss. Information will be available on the University’s services for students, employees and alumni through the Resource Office on Disabilities, the Office for Equal Opportunities Programs and Library Services.

For further information about this event, contact Judy York, 432-2325.

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