Housing Production Management Seminar Aims to Promote Neighborhood Revitalization

A training seminar sponsored by Yale University and the state Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) and led by the national Enterprise Foundation will enable invited local non-profit organizations to learn about all aspects of housing development.

The course will examine housing production models ranging from full architectural services to home improvement projects. Participants will also explore risk control, financial control, and time and team management, and will learn to use the Internet to identify computer programs that enhance the efficiency of housing production.

“Increasing the availability of affordable housing in the New Haven region is a critical component of our overall community development efforts,” said James Abromaitis, commissioner of DECD. “This capacity-building seminar will assist local community development representatives in the creation of such housing, and is an example of the strong partnership between Yale University and the state of Connecticut in supporting neighborhoods, businesses, and local non-profit organizations.”

“Yale is pleased to have helped to facilitate the connection with the Enterprise Foundation and to be a co-sponsor of these training sessions,” said Bruce D. Alexander, Yale’s vice president for New Haven and state affairs. “Our goal is to contribute to the City of New Haven’s efforts to promote affordable homeownership opportunities in the city by increasing the capacity of local organizations to take on this challenge.”

The program will cover all aspects of the housing production process, providing a general perspective as well as specific tools to organizations involved in any and all aspects of housing development. Those who attend will also have an opportunity to explore how they might work more effectively with other local groups to advance the process of neighborhood revitalization.

Attendees will include Fair Haven Aldermen Raul Avila and Kevin Diaz,; Seila Mosquera and Daniel Gootman, Mutual Housing of South Central Connecticut; Ariel Martinez, New Life Corporation; Brett Bissell, Fair Haven Housing Initiative; Jim Wilson and Merle Berk-Schlessl, Fair Haven Development Corporation; Daryl Brooks and Bishop Theodore Brooks, Beulah Land Development Coproration; Bill Battle, Newhallville Restoration Corp.; Paul Ruchinskas and Winston Ireland, Greater Dwight Development Corporation; David Alvarado, Hill Development Corporation; James Paley, Neighborhood Housing Services; and Jerry Tureck, Community Economic Development Initiatives, Inc.

The seminar, which is limited to invited guests only, runs December 18 and 19 at Yale University School of Management. Representatives of Yale’s ONHSA/University Properties, DECD and New Haven’s Livable City Initiative will also attend.

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