Yale Holds Third Annual Physics Competition

The third annual Yale Physics Olympics Competition, which is designed to stimulate interest in physics among high school students and to support physics teachers, will be held October 21.

About 200 high school seniors from Connecticut and New York will compete in the daylong event, which will be held at the Sloane Physics Laboratory.

The day will begin with a welcoming ceremony at 10:30 a.m. The competition takes the form of a pentathlon, consisting of five, 35-minute events. The students compete in teams of four members. Each event will be a task or simple experiment which the students perform as a team and for which they obtain a result or measurement. The teams will be ranked based on the closeness of their result to the correct one, as defined by the judges. A physics general knowledge quiz also will be held throughout the day.

A similar competition is held annually, and simultaneously, at the University of Liverpool, England, and the University of Western Australia in Perth.

The Sloane Physics Laboratory is located at 217 Prospect St. For more information, please contact Professor Con Beausang at 203-432-5179 or by email at cornelius.beausang@yale.edu.

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