Yale and Stanford Law Schools Co-Host First Annual Junior Faculty Forum

Anthony T. Kronman, dean of Yale Law School, and Kathleen Sullivan, dean of Stanford Law School, will welcome young legal scholars from across the country to the first annual Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum at Yale Law School on May 12 and 13.

The brainchild of Alan Schwartz, the Sterling Professor of Law at Yale, and Ronald Gilson, the Meyers Professor of Law and Business at Stanford, the Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum is an innovative venture of the two of the country’s leading law schools. Designed to encourage legal scholars during their first seven years of teaching, the forum will provide experience in the pursuit of scholarship through a formal process that includes paper submission, review and presentation.

A second goal of the forum is to increase the sense of community among legal scholars, particularly among new and veteran professors. As Gilson notes, “This is the first real effort to create an institution devoted to helping young law school faculty develop their scholarship. Precisely because legal education does not provide the professional training in being a scholar found in most Ph.D. programs, this cooperative effort between two like-minded law schools fills a large gap.”

Response to the new forum has been positive. For this inaugural year, 115 papers were submitted for consideration from scholars at a wide range of public and private law schools; 11 were selected for presentation and discussion.

A schedule follows. All events will take place in Room 121, Yale Law School, 127 Wall St.

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