Statement by University Secretary Lorimer regarding Suzanne Jovin

Those of us privileged to be members of the Yale community will never forget Suzanne Jovin and the impact her life had on so many at Yale and in our city. While we continue to await justice in this case, we are working to continue to support those activities that were important to Suzanne and to perpetuate her memory in our community.

Since the day she lost her life, our heartfelt position has been and remains the same: that Suzanne’s murder was a senseless and tragic crime; that the University is committed to efforts to memorialize the life and accomplishments of this remarkable young woman; and that Yale, like her family and friends, awaits justice and the solving of this crime.

For its recent show, ABC had available the public record of the series of official statements made by senior administrators at Yale, the televised Elm-Ivy Award ceremony last spring in which President Levin honored Suzanne’s memory and a Yale Bulletin & Calendar tribute to her. We had thought that ABC would draw from that record, as other news organizations have done in the past.

The important issue now is that all of us continue to do what we can to honor Suzanne’s memory and to keep pressing for justice. The University’s position today is exactly what it has always been: Suzanne Jovin’s death is a terrible tragedy and a great loss for her family, for all others who knew her, and for our community in general. We at Yale continue to work to memorialize the gifts of her life even as we fervently hope for justice to be served.

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