Ten Yale Undergraduates Received Seligman Scholarships in 1997-98

A bequest to Yale University from Germain Seligman provided 10 Yale undergraduates with scholarships totaling $155,789 during the recently completed 1997P98 academic year.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Yale undergraduates benefitted from the Germain and Ethlyne Seligman Scholarship Fund in memory of Jacques Seligmann. The scholarship fund, established in 1994 through Mr. Seligman’s bequest to Yale, provides annual scholarships in perpetuity, approximately equal to the value of this year’s awards.

The terms of the bequest stipulate that preference be given to students of the Jewish faith who have graduated from a public high school and who meet the need-based criteria for Yale financial aid, with special consideration for those who are orphans.

Yale University has a need-blind admissions policy and considers the merits of each applicant regardless of financial means. Once admitted to Yale College, a student is awarded financial aid based solely on demonstrated financial need. Within this policy, the college endeavors to honor the preferences of donors.

Please note: Germain and Ethlyne Seligman is spelled with one “n.” Jacques Seligmann is spelled with two “n’s.”

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