Rebellious Lawyering Conference at Yale Rallies Activists Against Poverty and Injustice

Lawyers get a lot of mean-spirited teasing these days, but they don’t all deserve the bad rap. A group of attorneys, advocates, law students and community organizers from around the nation will gather this week at Yale Law School to discuss how to use their skills to combat poverty and injustice. The Fourth Annual “Rebellious Lawyering” Conference will meet Feb. 20-22 in the Sterling Law buildings, 127 Wall St. Registration at the door is $20. Members of the media are welcome to cover the program.

The conference will bring together organizers and lawyers to explore radical and innovative ways to deal with some of the key problems facing society today. Panels, workshops and discussion groups will examine grassroots activism, non-traditional roles for lawyers, and the meaning and practice of what’s called “rebellious lawyering.”

For further information about the panels and sessions, call Peter Glass at (203) 432-4858 or send email to For information about registration and housing, contact Amanda Moore at or

Conference highlights

Friday, Feb. 20

7:30 p.m. Keynote Address, Anthony “Van” Jones, Bay Area PoliceWatch, San Francisco, Calif. A reception follows.

Saturday, Feb. 21

9 a.m. Rebellious Lawyering within the Criminal Justice System

James Bell, Youth Law Center, San Francisco, Calif. Rick Greenberg, Office of the Appellate Defender, New York, N.Y.

Leonard Noisette, Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, N.Y.

Robert Tarver, New Jersey Public Defender’s Office

Moderator: Bridget McCormack, Cover Fellow 1997-98, Yale Work Requirements For Welfare

Carole Burnett, Congregations for Children, Biloxi, Miss.

Pam Fendt, Professor, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Steve Williams, G.A. Rights Union, San Francisco, Calif.

Karen Yau, National Employment Law Project, New York, N.Y.

Moderator: Kathleen A. Sullivan, clinical professor of law, Yale

11:15 a.m. Disabilities and the Law

Michael Allen, Bazelon Center for Mental Health, Washington, D.C.

Elise Brown, Berkeley Community Law Center, Calif.

Claudia Center, San Francisco Employment Law Center, Calif.

Guy Wheeler, Disability Rights Advocates, Oakland, Calif.

Labor Organizing and Workers’ Rights

John Antush, Chinese Staff & Worker Association, New York, N.Y.

Larry Englestein, AFL-CIO, General Counsel, Washington D.C.

Guadalupe Gamboa, United Farm Workers of America, Yakima, Wash.

Kwong T. Hui, Chinese Staff & Worker Association, New York, N.Y.

Moderator: Mark Barenberg, Professor of Law, Columbia University

2:30 p.m. Corporations and the Community: Changing the Balance of Power

Jean Gauna, Southwest Organizing Project, Albuquerque, N.M.

Michael Hausfeld, Cohen Milstein Hausfeld & Toll, Washington, D.C.

Matthew Lee, Inner City Public Interest Law Project, Bronx, N.Y.

Damon Silvers, AFL-CIO, Office of the General Counsel, Washington D.C.

Moderator: Graham Boyd, private practice, New Haven, Conn.

The Death Penalty

Cessie Alfonso, Alfonso Associates,. N.J.

Tom Dunn, Capital Defender Office, Rochester, N.Y.

Trina Thompson Stanley, private practice, San Francisco, Calif.

Mandy Welsh, private practice, Houston, Texas

Moderator: Robert Lancaster, Cover Fellow 1997-98, Yale

4:45 p.m. Activist Academics

Peggy Cooper Davis, New York University Law School

Peter Rachleff, Dept. of History, Macalester College

Jonathan Turley, George Washington Univ. Law School

Anthony Waters, University of Maryland Law School

Policing the Police

Emma Jones, mother of Malik Jones, New Haven, Conn.

Kate Dyer, Clarence & Snell, San Francisco, Calif.

Anthony “Van” Jones, Bay Area PoliceWatch, San Francisco, Calif.

Joseph Moniz, Day Berry & Howard, Hartford, Conn.

Moderator: Jonathan Simon, professor of law, Yale

Tribal Rights

Patrice Kunesh, tribal attorney, Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation

F. Browning Pipestem, Pipestem Carter & Lamirand, Okla.

Mark Van Norman, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Washington, D.C.

7:30 p.m. Dinner Address

Introduction: Anthony T. Kronman, dean, Yale Law School

Speaker: Peggy Cooper Davis, New York University Law School

8:45 p.m. Film Premiere: Barbara Zahn’s “The Last Graduation” (1998), documentary about prisoner education at Greenhaven prison

Sunday, February 22

10:30 a.m. Informal discussion: Biography and Rebellious Lawyering

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