Music as Metaphor Workshop for Teachers

More than 50 Coop High School teachers will gather at Yale University for an innovative set of workshops on how to use music in teaching math, science, history, literature and other secondary school subjects. The program will be held on Friday, Nov. 14, 2 p.m.-6 p.m. in Sudler Hall, the auditorium in William Harkness Hall 100 Wall St. Members of the media are welcome to attend this lively, interactive event.

“Music as a Metaphor– Broadening Curriculum” workshop coordinators are Denise Meyer, director of the concert and press office for the Yale School of Music, and Paul Hawkshaw, associate dean of the school.

The program will begin with a keynote address titled “The Philosopher’s Stone” by Thomas Duffy, associate dean and director of Yale Bands. Following that, several concurrent sessions will take place.

* Willie Ruff, professor of music, director of the Duke Ellington Fellowship and jazz artist, will lead the workshop on “Music and Science” in Sudler Hall.

* Jack Vees, lecturer on electronic music and operations director of the Center for Studies in Music Technology – CSMT, will discuss “Music, Math and Computers” in the CSMT lab, Woolsey Hall.

* Frank Tirro, professor of music, will present “Music, History and Art” in Room 403, Harkness Hall.

* Alan Darling, lecturer and opera coach, will present “Music,

For further information, please contact Ms. Meyer at 432-4158 or Keith Cunningham, Arts Coordinator, or Donna Fredericks, Magnet Resource Specialist, at Coop High School, 946-5923 or 946-5924.

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Media Contact

Gila Reinstein:, 203-432-1325