Newly Endowed Chair Honors Mathematician Roger E. Howe

Longtime Yale University faculty member Roger E. Howe of Hamden has been appointed as the Frederick Phineas Rose Professor in Mathematics by vote of the Yale Corporation. The chair was endowed by Yale alumnus and benefactor Frederick P. Rose to honor scholars of distinction who are also exceptional teachers. Professor Howe is the first incumbent of the chair, which will rotate among members of the Yale College faculty.

Described as a “patient and dedicated teacher,” Professor Howe was awarded The Yale College/Dylan Hixon ‘88 Prize for Teaching Excellence in the Natural Sciences at the University’s Commencement in May. His citation read, in part: “[I]f mathematics is a language, you certainly speak it beautifully. Fortunately for those who are not themselves native speakers, you have demonstrated a gift for making fundamental concepts in the structure of mathematics become familiar and intelligible …”

His major research interest is in the applications of symmetry, particularly harmonic analysis, group representations, automorphic forms and invariant theory. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and a doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley. He taught at the State University of New York in Stony Brook 1969-74 and, during that time, was also a member of the Institute for Advanced Study and a research associate at the University of Bonn, Germany. He joined the Yale faculty in 1974 as a professor, and has served as director of graduate studies in the mathematics department 1982-83 and 1986-87, and as chair of the department 1992-95.

Professor Howe has held visiting professorships at the Ecole Normale des Jeunes Filles in Paris and at Rutgers University and was a Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Fellow in 1996-97. He is a member of the National Academy of Science, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, and he has been a fellow of the Japan Society for the Advancement of Science and the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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