Speaking in Tongues

Local high school students will sing, dance, and perform in Russian, Gaelic, German, Portuguese, Swahili, and ancient Greek at a colorful celebration tonight, May 23, 7-9:30 p.m., in Yale University’s Luce Hall Auditorium at 34 Hillhouse Avenue.

The students are celebrating a successful year of participation in the Southern Connecticut Language and Culture Exposure Program, part of Yale’s Center for International and Area Studies. Through the program, about 100 students from 22 Connecticut public high schools and another 40 from area private schools have studied subjects that they could not have pursued in their schools. In addition to the languages named above, students have studied Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.

The performances will be brief and varied. The Russian- language students will recite melancholy poetry and sing upbeat songs. There will be a zany skit in Gaelic and a song-and-dance routine illuminating the subtleties of German grammar. Art will be discussed in Portuguese, complete with visual aids. The Swahili class will perform African songs, and the Greek students will present a scene from Oedipus Rex.

During the reception in the Common Room, Agoro, a West African music and dance ensemble, will perform and refreshments will be served.

This will be a lively and visual town/gown story. Come and cover it.

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