Antoine Caron, "The Triumph of Mars", ca. 1570. Oil on panel. Yale University Art Gallery, Leonard C. Hanna Jr., Class of 1913, Edwin J. Beinecke, Class of 1907, Archer M. Huntington, Class of 1897, and Mrs. Gile Whiting Funds
Unknown artist, "The Death of Jacob" (detail), 1566. Embroidery: silk and linen. Private collection
Johannes Wierix, "Henry III, King of France and Poland," ca. 1585, published 1647. Engraving. Private collection
Unknown engraver, after Giovanni Battista di Jacopo, called Rosso Fiorentino, "Mars and Venus", 1575. Engraving. Private collection
Pierre Milan, after Léonard Thiry, "Female Mask," from "Suite of Ornamental Masks," mid-16th century. Engraving. Private collection
Saint-Porchaire Workshop, "Salt Cellar," second quarter 16th century. Lead-glazed earthenware. Private collection
Leone Leoni, "King Francis I," 16th century, cast later. Bronze. Private collection
Unknown artist, in the style of Bernard Palissy, "'Rustique' Oval Basin," 19th century. Lead-glazed earthenware. Private collection
Unknown artist, Grotesque Mask, 16th century(?). Carved marble. Private collection
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Works from French Renaissance at Yale Art Gallery

A new exhibit at the Yale University Art Gallery explores the relationship between art and power during the French Renaissance, when monarchs and aristocrats used patronage of the arts to demonstrate their wealth and status. “Le Goût du Prince: Art and Prestige in 16th-Century France" was organized by three members of the Class of 2016. It opened just a few days before its curators graduated.
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