Young scientists showcase experiments at Yale

Rows of scientific displays — 250 in all — filled University Commons during the fair. Yale students and faculty were among those serving as mentors or volunteer judges.
"Orange Ya Glad It's Bright?" by Hill Central School students Aliyeah Newman, Edwin Tenezaca, and Nevia Sang.
"Do You See Vitamin C?" Yale judge Katherine Zhou '12 with Yara Hosny and Ewlina Zambryzycka from Hill Regional Career High School.
"Greenworks vs. Lysol." Students Magadalena Sowa and Veronica Mallqui of Hill Regional Career High School with Yale judge and graduate student Thalyana Smith-Vikos '15.
"Physics Foul Shooter." Yale professor Robert Crabtree with students Harrison Davis and Tenzin Chogkey of Hill Regional Career High School.
"Counting the Stars." Mariah Rivera from the Barnard Environmental Studies School with Heidi Herrick, instructor at Yale's Leitner Family Observatory & Planetarium. This is the first project designed based on a field trip to the observatory.
"Action Acne." Reginald Mayo, superintendent of New Haven Schools, with students, Maya McFadden and Amanda Pereira from Nathan Hale School.
"How You Harness Energy from Water" by Ethan Silver from Edgewood School.
"Irrigation vs. Watering Can and Spray Bottle." Yale judge and graduate student Valerie Morley '17 with Mikaela Flora and Nicole Celone from the Barnard Environmental Studies School.
Maria Parente, coordinator of Yale’s Pathways to Science program talks with students at the New Haven Science Fair.
Claudia Merson, director of public school partnerships in Yale’s Office of New Haven & State Affairs, with Jack Crane, project director for the New Haven Science Fair Program.
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Over 700 city schoolchildren presented displays about their scientific research during the New Haven Science Fair, held in Yale University Commons in May. Volunteer judges — some veteran scientists — were on hand to assess the 250 experiments and "talk science" with the participants. Here are some scenes from the event, now in its 18th year.
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