Yale's first sixth-grade graduates

The rain certainly didn't dampen the spirits of the sixth-graders, who processed from their school at West Campus to the tent on the grounds where graduation ceremonies would be held. (Photo by Michael Marsland)
Yale President Peter Salovey and other officials led the procession. The students shed their rain ponchos for the final few steps. (Photo by Michael Marsland)
(Photo by Michael Marsland)
These two graduating sixth-graders dressed for the occasion. (Photo by Michael Marsland)
Salovey and Provost Ben Polak entering the tent. (Photo by Alaina Pritchard)
Music teacher Kristin Turkosz led the assembled students and guests in singing the "Star Spangled Banner." (Photo by Michael Marsland)
On the platform (from left): Salovey, Polak, School of Nursing Dean Margaret Grey, and Vice President for West Campus Scott Strobel. (Photo by Michael Marsland)
Graduating sixth-graders. (Photo by Michael Marsland)
The graduating students chose American Authors' “Best Day of My Life” to sing at the ceremony. (Photo by Michael Marsland)
Emma McCarson reflected on the class' elementary school years. (Photo by Alaina Pritchard)
Jayson Hutchinson shared some memories. (Photo by Michael Marsland)
The Yale president offered remarks to the graduates. (Photo by Michael Marsland)
Sixth-grade teachers Rachael Richard,Marcy Laden, Michelle Behun and Tony Palluzzi joined Principal Eric Carbone, Salovey, Polak, Grey, and Strobel on the platform to award Certificates of Promotion. Here Ahluhah Ahmed receives hers. (Photo by Michael Marsland)
The Certificate of Promotion. (Photo by Michael Marsland)
Carbone, along with Salovey, Polak and Grey, presents a Certificate of Promotion to Max Arnold. (Photo by Michael Marsland)
Guests cheering the graduates. (Photo by Michael Marsland)
A family member recording the comments of the Peck Place principal, who highlighted the importance of generosity. (Photo by Michael Marsland)
Graduates head back to their school for a reception ...
... followed by family and friends. (Photos by Michael Marsland)
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At a ceremony on June 19 on Yale's West Campus, 71 Peck Place Elementary school sixth-graders received Certificates of Promotion, designating them as members of the first-ever sixth-grade graduating class at Yale. These students have been in residence at Yale’s West Campus since January, when they were displaced from their school due to water damage and asbestos. Among those participating in the ceremony were Yale President Peter Salovey, Provost Ben Polak, Vice President for West Campus Scott Strobel, Secretary and Vice President for Student Affairs Kimberley Goff-Crews ,and School of Nursing Dean Margaret Grey, all dressed in academic garb.