From the Yale University Press: Stalin Digital Archive

The Stalin Digital Archive (SDA) is the result of years of collaboration between Yale University Press and the Russian State Archive of Social and Political History.
The archive will eventually contain more than 28000 documents, including some of Stalin’s personal papers that have never before been made public.
Users have access to high-quality close-up images of the documents in the archive — as illustrated by this view of Stalin’s letter to his protégé, Soviet politician and diplomat Vyacheslav Molotov, from December 1929.
In this letter, Stalin thanks German dictator Adolf Hitler for signing the non-aggression treaty of 1939.
Included in the archive are transcriptions of the 25 volumes in the Press’ “Annals of Communism” series. This image is from “Piggy Fox and the Sword of Revolution,” which includes Soviet leaders’ sketches of themselves and others.
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The Yale University Press recently launched the Stalin Digital Archive, which gives researchers around the world access to materials by and about Soviet premier Joseph Stalin as well as the tools to promote collaboration among scholars.
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