Yale Architecture Students Design Hub for International Festival

Students created over 1,000 aluminum panels.
The panels were fabricated at Rudolph Hall.
Students then transported the panels to the New Haven Green for assembly.
The assembly took three days.
Solid and massive from one angle....
Lightweight and almost entirely porous from another, it alternately hides and reveals its contents.
Raindrops and reflections on one of the panels.
The structure can easily be disassembled, stored and reassembled each year.
Each panel was labeled as to its placement.
The two-color aluminum pavilion can appear as a sinuating lattice configuration or as a solid curvy mass depending on the viewer’s vantage point.
Support for the project was provided by the international company Assa Abloy.
The pavilion will create shifting effects of reflection and color as visitors move around it.
Hoisting a panel into place.
The project gave students a chance to work at full scale with real architectural materials.
Students needed to work with clients and consultants and engage with legal and public processes.
The 300-square-foot pavilion will serve as the hub of the festival, which this year officially opens on Saturday, June 16, and continues through Saturday, June 30.
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