Wright Lab dedication ceremony

Karsten Heeger, director of the Wright Laboratory, welcomes guests.
Professor Rick Casten spoke about the history and scientific legacy of Wright Nuclear Structure Lab.
Professor John Harris spoke on "Recreating the Quark-Gluon Soup of the Early Universe."
Professor Steve Lamoreaux discussed "A (Wright) Laboratory Search for Dark Matter in the form of Axions."
Professor Jack Harris talked about "Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena as a Probe of Fundamental Physics."
Professor Bonnie Fleming gave a presentation on "Frontiers in Neutrino Physics."
Professor Karsten Heeger spoke on "Neutrinos and the Invisible Universe."
Professor Reina Maruyama discussed "Understanding Dark Matter, Understanding Neutrinos."
Professor Charles Baltay talked about "Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe."
Professor Laura Newburgh's presentation was titled "Cosmology in the Radio: Listening to the Echoes of the Big Bang."
President Peter Salovey
Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Tamar Gendler
Professor Sarah Demers spoke about "Physics with ATLAS," and Professor Paul Tipton about "Upgrading the World’s Largest Collider Experiment."
Paul Tipton, chair of the Department of Physics
The ribbon cutting with, from left, Tamar Gendler, Peter Salovey, Karsten Heeger, Steve Girvin, Paul Tipton, Provost Benjamin Polak, and Paula Farnsworth, senior administrative assistant in the physics department.
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"Wright Lab Transformed" was the theme as the university celebrated the opening of the newly renovated facility. The program included "Science Bites" a series of short presentations by faculty about their research being conducted in the new space, tours, a poster session, and remarks by university officials.