‘While these visions did appear’: Shakespeare on Canvas

"Procession of Characters from Shakespeare’s Plays," ca. 1840, Paul Mellon Fund (Unknown artist)
"Master Betty as Hamlet, Before a Bust of Shakespeare," 1804–1806, Paul Mellon Fund (James Northcote)
"Olivia, Maria and Malvolio from 'Twelfth Night,'” 1789, Paul Mellon Fund (Johann Heinrich Ramberg)
"Falstaff with the Body of Hotspur," ca. 1786, Paul Mellon Fund (Attributed to Philippe-Jacques de Loutherbourg)
"Imogen and the Shepherds, from 'Cymbeline,'” ca. 1874, Paul Mellon Collection (James Smetham)
"Children acting the ‘Play Scene’ from 'Hamlet,'” 1863, Paul Mellon Fund (Charles Hunt)
"Puck and Fairies, from 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream,'” ca. 1850, Paul Mellon Fund (Joseph Noel Paton)
"The First Appearance of William Shakespeare on the Stage of the Globe Theatre," 1864–65, Paul Mellon Fund (George Cruikshank)
"Buck Washing on Datchet Mead from 'The Merry Wives of Windsor,'” 1849, Paul Mellon Fund (John S. Clifton)
"Prospero, Miranda and Ariel, from 'The Tempest,'” ca. 1799, Paul Mellon Fund (Thomas Stothard)
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A new exhibition of paintings depicting Shakespeare’s plays and characters is a highlight of the 2012 Shakespeare at Yale festival. 
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