Staff Appreciation Event

President Peter Salovey chatting with staff members prior to his talk in Woolsey Hall.
Salovey touched on many of the issues that have defined his first year as Yale's president.
Audience members came from all parts of the university.
Salovey thanked staff members, noting that the university's mission could not be accomplished without their support, both "ingenious and professional."
The dining hall crew prepared tasty food for the attendees.
After listening to Salovey in Woolsey Hall, staff members arrived at University Commons for the party.
Chocolate-covered cheesecake lollipops.
The salsa band "Mikata" encouraged dancing.
More goodies ...
... Going fast.
A smiling group of staff members.
A lesson in salsa dancing brought people out on the dance floor.
Salovey joined the band to play the cowbell.
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On June 9, President Peter Salovey kicked off Yale’s inaugural Staff Appreciation Day with an address to staff members in Woolsey Hall. During his remarks, he talked about the work he does on behalf of the university, both at home and abroad, and thanked everyone in the audience for all their work in support of Yale’s mission. Salovey also announced the launch of the President’s Award for Staff Excellence (, which will recognize the outstanding contributions and accomplishments of Yale employees. The event culminated in a celebration in Commons Dining Hall, where refreshments were served and entertainment was provided by Mikata — a local salsa band.