Spring arrives on campus

Trees and flowers were in bloom all around campus.
Students in Timothy Dwight College enjoyed a warm and sunny day.
A flowering tree in the Silliman College courtyard.
A class sketched the Berkeley College master's house.
The warm weather drew crowds to Cross Campus.
Some students played Frisbee.
Some did handstands.
Others enjoyed reading and studying.
Old Campus was filled with students celebrating the warmest day of the year.
Swinging into spring in Branford College courtyard.
Purple flowers outside the Provost's Office at one Hillhouse Avenue.
Two students relaxing in the courtyard of the Hall of Graduate studies.
Forsythia in full bloom along the Hillhouse Avenue walkway that spans the Farmington Canal.
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The arrival of spring on the calendar, and the arrival of spring-like weather don't often coincide. But they did this year, when the spring equinox heralded in days of warm weather and sunshine.