Shaping Future Scientists in Yale's SCHOLAR Program

The acronym SCHOLAR stands for Science Collaborative Hands-On Learning and Research. It gives students like Andrea Hernandez of New Haven the opportunity to experience first hand the thrill of science.
Chanon Boonyavairoje of New Haven is among the participants who have left their high school lives behind, eating and sleeping on campus and taking classes and labs on Science Hill.
Students like (from left) Aleena Kazmi of East Haven, Nur Amalina Amir Hamzah of West Haven and Athalie Cayo of Ansonia learn two-semesters-worth of material in just three weeks.
Connie Allen of Saint Augustine’s College, who has taught the chemistry class for several years, says, “Chemistry has a reputation of being a bear, and it is. But over the three weeks you can see [the students’] level of confidence rising.”
Scientist Joan Steitz is among the Yale faculty members who discuss their research with the SCHOLAR participants.
Falisha Peters of West Haven (foreground) and Kenya Thigpen
of Hamden get some advice from instructor Brandon Ogbunu.
The high school students who participate in the SCHOLAR program are three times more likely to complete college within six years. Pictured here are Daniel Sosniak of New Haven (foreground) and Matthew Struble of Wallingford.
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The Yale SCHOLAR program (Science Collaborative Hands-On Learning and Research) is a partnership between Yale and Hill Regional Career High School in New Haven. Students — rising sophomores, juniors and seniors at the school — learn two-semesters-worth of material in a mere three weeks, while getting hands-on laboratory experience and hearing lectures by some of the top science faculty members at Yale.
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