President Obama's Young African Leaders at Yale Block Party

A group photo of some of the participants.
Chalking a welcome message to the community.
Participants filled the street behind the Stetson Branch Library with chalk messages.
They played games.
Drawing a map of Africa.
Pointing to her country.
Willy-Conrad Asseko-Allogo chatting with Jari Gunterman,8, of New Haven.
Showing some dance moves.
Conferring with the DJ Dave Chambers about music.
Dancing ...
... and more dancing.
Barbecue for everyone.
Kettlecorn was popular.
Talking with New Haven Alder Richard Furlow (center).
Malika Sharif was one of the New Haven residents who attend the block Party
A group photo with a New Haven police officer.
Michael Cappello, director of the Yale World Fellows program, in conversation with Willy-Conrad Asseko-Allogo.
Moratuoa Hlongwa of Lesotho, Africa watches ...
... as an enthusiastic dancer executes a perfect backflip.
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Twenty-five up-and-coming leaders from 16 different African countries joined members of the community for a block party at Stetson Branch Library. Yale is hosting the leaders this summer as part of President Barack Obama’s effort to support innovative minds working to promote economic growth, peace, and security across the continent.