The New Haven-Yale University Golf Squad continues its upward swing

Left to right: Yale's Camile Collier and First Tee's Jim Burns study two youngster's golf techniques as they practice.
Kiara Lavache has been golfing since she's been 7.
First Tee volunteer Jim Burns and Tre Rawlins on the course.
Camile Collier moves in to show Cesar "C.J." Perez how it's done.
Ebony Griffith smiles as she begins practice.
Kiara Lavache shows her form.
Ben Surowiecki (far left) watches the action.
Ben Surowiecki shows Lionel Lewis how to hold the club.
Jim Tirrell of First Tee also shows Lionel Lewis some club technique.
Jim Burns instructs Tre Rawlins.
Roc'ki Stanley, C.J. Perez, Rawlins and Kiara Lavache practice their technique.
YAAA members Renee Reed and James Rawlins.
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Under the direction of Yale golf pro Camile Collier and volunteers from First Tee of Connecticut, The New Haven-Yale University Golf Squad is a First Tee program that the Yale African-American Affinity group (YAAA) has been voluntarily helping to run since 2008. More about the program can be found in the latest issue of working@yale.