New Haven Science Fair 2014

Yale graduate student listens as Lauren Mullally of Nathan Hale School explains her project, "Would You Drink It?"
Yekaterina Rokhlenko a Yale graduate student in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, asks Tristan Walker (left) and Jeremy Bachman of Davis Street Arts and Academics School about their project, " Just in Casein."
New Haven Schools Superintendent Garth Harries speaks with the media.
Ke Zou, a Yale postdoctoral student in applied physics, questions Luis Gonzalez of Hill Central School about the project he and Romi Twarowski did, titled "The Way the Ball Bounces."
From left: Cashaun Silva, Sebastian Kazakov, and Stephen Julien of Mauro-Sheridan Science, Technology and Communications School. Their project was titled "Is Iron Man Hiding in Our Cereal?"
Luigi Frunzio, a senior research scientist in applied physics at Yale, chats with the creators of the project "Do Crickets Like the Night or Light?": (from left) Alin Spearman, Kayson Maciel Andrews, and Nelson Razza Baril from East Rock School.
Harries with Lnia Williams and Tamjah Walker of L.W. Beecher Museum School of Arts & Sciences.
Amanda Pereira (left) and Jada Wilborne, both 10th-graders from Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School, stand in front of their projects.
Richard Therrien, science supervisor for the New Haven Public Schools, with Joanna Gutierrez (left) and Ashley Perez, 7th-graders from the Truman School. Their project was "The Volcano Eruption."
Grace Trufan, a 6th-grader from Barnard Environmental Studies School, explains her project, "Fishy Food," to the judges.
Yale graduate student Valerie Morley and other Yale judges discuss their findings.
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The annual New Haven Science Fair took place at University Commons May 12-14. This past year over 7,000 New Haven students and 43 schools participated; 160 volunteers served as mentors and judges. The program aims to improve the quality of education, and particularly science and math education, in the New Haven Public Schools, grades PreK through 12. Yale has contributed both scientific and engineering talent to the program, and funding has come directly from the faculty of a wide array of schools, along with support from the Yale Community Outreach.