Levin at Yale

Levin earned his Ph.D. in economics at Yale in 1974 and joined the University's Department of Economics that same year. He is shown here pitching at a departmental softball game.
Levin, his wife, Jane, and three of their children at the announcement in 1993 of his selection as Yale's 24th president.
Levin's inauguration ceremony was attended by representatives from academic institutions from around the world.
The entire Yale community was invited to the reception on Cross Campus following the formal inauguration.
Believing that universities should join in partnership with their home cities, Levin worked to bring about a “renaissance” in the Elm City. Here, he meets with (from left) Vice President Linda Lorimer, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, and Vice President Bruce Alexander of the Office of New Haven and State Affairs.
Determined to change Yale’s once-contentious relationship with its labor unions, Levin worked with union leaders — including John Wilhelm, Laura Smith, and Bob Proto, pictured here — to develop a collaborative relationship, one with a mutual commitment to job creation and workplace best practices.
During his tenure, Yale marked its 300th anniversary. Among the Tercentennial events was a conversation with former U.S. President George H.W. Bush ’48 (right).
The New Haven community was invited to come to Hewitt Quadrangle to enjoy some birthday cake during the conclusion of the Tercentennial celebration.
At Commencements over the years, Levin has paid tribute to scores of notable individuals. Some — such as Margaret Marshall ’76 J.D., former chief justice of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts, who received an honorary degree in 2012 — have promoted social justice, ...
... while others — such as musician Paul McCartney, who was honored in 2008 — have achieved extraordinary distinction in the creative arts.
He also awarded honorary degrees to then-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton ’73 J.D. in 2009 ...
... and President George W. Bush ’68 in 2001.
Levin has hosted public discussions with such luminaries as former British prime minister Tony Blair (center), who spoke with Levin and Ernesto Zedillo, director of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, in 2009.
Levin has also welcomed to campus such world leaders as former president Bill Clinton ’73 J.D. ...
... and President Hu Jintao of China, whose visit to campus in 2006 was the final stop on his first trip to the United States.
Levin has been committed to instituting new financial aid programs that ensure outstanding students have access to a Yale education, regardless of their financial situation.
Promoting sustainability on campus and throughout the world has been an important goal for Levin in recent years. Here, he talks with Rajendra Pachauri, director of the Yale Climate and Energy Institute (left), and Tony Blair.
An ardent Bulldogs fan, the President can frequently be spotted at home games in the Yale Bowl, cheering on the players.
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From his early days as a Yale professor to his two decades as the University's president, here's a look at Richard C. Levin across the years.
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