Inside the renovated Sterling Chemistry Lab

(Left to right) Steven Girvin, Tamar Gendler, Scott Miller, Benjamin Polak, and President Peter Salovey at the unveiling of new teaching labs at Sterling Chemistry Laboratory.
Attendees gathered on the third floor at the renovated SCL.
A new chemistry lab at SCL awaits students.
A tour group learns about the features of the SCL renovation.
After the ribbon cutting, small groups toured the new teaching laboratories.
The new labs are designed to use space more efficiently and adapt to a variety of experiments and teaching needs.
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The 93-year-old Sterling Chemistry Laboratory has been transformed from the inside out, and Yale officials celebrated with a grand reopening on Aug. 30. Hundreds of students, faculty, and staff gathered to tour SCL’s new teaching labs, hear more about the building’s history and envision scientific discoveries yet to come.
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