'Community Dance Concert'

A Different Drum: "Turning Standing."
Classical Contemporary Ballet Theatre Residency: "Push."
Yale Co-op Dance Collaborative: "Scenic World."
Yale Dancers: "XO."
Yale Undergraduate Ballet Company: "Intermezzo from Midsummer Night's Dream."
Yale Ballroom: "Doctor Doctor."
Classical Contemporary Ballet Theatre Company: "S.G. Op. 3-1 (Premier 4.12.12)."
Mr. Hankey's Advanced Dance Technique Class: "Ballet Exposition."
Scott Simpson, world champion jump roper: "Simpson's Jump Mix."
Yale Co-op Dance Collaborative: "Bhangra Nation."
Yale Dancers Ferrin Ruiz: "Place of Earth."
Mr. Hankey's Advanced Dance Technique Class: "Revelations Inspiration" (based on Alvin Ailey's "Revelations")
Yale Belly Dance Society: "Feeling Good."
Yale Bhangra Team: "Chak."
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For the past three years, Yale undergraduates from a variety of dance backgrounds have taught weekly afterschool dance classes to students at Co-Op High School. In the spring, the Yale and Co-Op students choreograph several pieces together, using the various dance styles from the fall as inspiration, and present a Community Dance Concert. This year's concert took place on April 28 at Co-Op High. Here are some of the performers that night, and the dances they presented.