Campus scavenger hunt: new angles on Yale

Homage to the past.
Inside the Scrabble board.
Hands-on learning.
Tangible symbol of renewal.
Footing or ceiling?
Technology of its time.
An inspiring study space.
Overseen overhead.
“Overlooked wall” no longer.
Sunset splendor.
“Education” in stained glass.
“A shining new presence”.
Animal, vegetable, or …
In the “bunker”.
Memorial Remembering.
Illuminating masterworks.
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On March 7, Provost Ben Polak wrote to faculty and staff about the changing Yale skyline resulting from facilities renovations and construction projects. This slideshow includes some of the provost’s favorite views across the university, including a few obscure angles on familiar places. Take a walk around campus to see if you can identify them all.
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