'Big Food': A look at how we eat

The “Big Food: Health, Culture and the Evolution of Eating” exhibit explores the food challenges of the 21st century, including changing eating habits and alarming levels of obesity in the United States and beyond.
Pizza, bread and chips are among the foods that Americans eat in large quantities. The exhibit shows modern eating habits in all of its healthy—and unhealthy—detail.
Many popular beverages pack a sugary punch, with some having as many as 20 spoonfuls in a single container. The display notes, meanwhile, that water is sugar-free and, oftentimes, free of charge.
Ihsan Abdussabur studies an exhibit that shows that a medium-sized container of movie popcorn has the same number of calories as four hamburgers and 12 pats of butter.
Being overweight or obese often results in serious health consequences, including hypertension, heart disease and diabetes, which can reduce productivity and lead to an early death. Sarah Conley grimaces as she handles the equivalent of five pounds of human fat while her sister, Gloria, looks on.
Naszir Johnson ponders the significant damage that unhealthy eating and excessive weight can cause to the internal organs.
Pablo Cruz (with his mother, Sarah Miller) reacts to a display on the power of food marketing—logos from popular soft drink companies on baby bottles.
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“Big Food: Health, Culture, and the Evolution of Eating,” on view at the Yale Peabody Museum through Dec. 2, has prompted visitors to reflect on their role in personal and community health, and the sustainability of our food system.
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