Beyond the pipes

The gilded and stenciled main facade of Yale’s Newberry Memorial Organ. Most of the organ’s 12,617 pipes lie behind the main façade.
The dedication plaque on the façade of the Newberry Memorial Organ.
The Newberry Memorial Organ’s console, the last Skinner organ console still functioning on its builder’s original pneumatic mechanism.
Ivory draw-knobs of the console command the 167 stops and the many thousands of pipes of the organ.
Ranks of wood and metal pipes in the basement echo organ of the Newberry Memorial Organ.
The Newberry Organ’s central nervous system is a complex network fashioned from double cotton-covered wires, carrying 10-volt impulses to remote corners of Woolsey Hall.
The wiring unions in the Newberry Organ’s Relay Room were skillfully soldered more than 80 years ago, by hands long since at rest.
Machinery in the organ’s upper Relay Room. The Newberry’s original 1920s organ technology is among the last examples to remain functioning anywhere in the world.
For more than 100 years, Yale organ curators have walked through this door into the Organ Shop in the basement of Woolsey Hall.
The photographs, strange tools, and odd parts found in the basement Organ Shop reflect the various personalities of those who have held the title "Curator of Organs" over the years.
Jars of organ hardware in the Curator of Organ’s shop—some dating to the original building of the Newberry Memorial Organ in 1903.
An assortment of odd parts, gathered over many decades, found in an old drawer in the Newberry Curator of Organs shop.
A collection of well-worn screwdrivers of in the organ shop.
Gold-leafed façade pipes made in 1902 sport “French mouths” and stenciling added in the 1930 redecoration of Woolsey Hall.
Woolsey Hall’s Beaux-Arts interior remains one of the least-altered spaces on campus since its dedication in 1903. Architects Carrère and Hastings planned for a hall that would include a magnificent organ worthy of the scale of the room.
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A look at what lies within and behind the 12,617 pipes of the five-story, over 100-year-old Newberry Memorial Organ in Yale's Woolsey Hall.