2012 Yale College Student Award winners

Taylor Cramm — The Nellie Pratt Elliot Award for the top female athlete; and Brian O’Neill —The William Neely Mallory Award for the top male athlete.
Brett Smith — The Amanda Walton Award for an athlete who has shown courage and spirit, and The David Everett Chantler Award for a senior with outstanding character and high moral purpose.
LaTisha Jeanette Campbell and Eliot Kim — The Nakanishi Prize for leadership in enhancing race or ethnic relations.
Katherine Miller and Sam Vesuna — The Roosevelt L. Thompson Prize for commitment and capacity for public service.
Joan English Gass — The James Andrew Haas Prize for breadth of intellectual achievement and strength of character.
Naomi Meghan Woo and Emily Christine Cooley — The Louis Sudler Prize for excellence in the performing and creative arts.
Joseph Keller Carlsmith — The Warren Memorial Scholarship Prize for the senior who ranks highest in the humanities.
Jordan Laris Cohen and Carmen Xiao Wei Lu — The Arthur Twining Hadley Prize for the senior who ranks highest in the social sciences.
Nimit Jain — The Russell Henry Chittenden Prize for the senior who ranks highest in mathematics or science.
Benjamin Y. Liu — The Alpheus Henry Snow Prize for the senior who has done the most to inspire the tradition of high scholarship among his or her classmates.
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At Class Day on May 20, 15 members of the graduating class received special awards honoring their academic, leadership, and athletic achievements.