Scott Strobel, vice president for West Campus planning and program development, as Jeremiah Dummer and President Peter Salovey as Elihu Yale re-inact the founding of Yale College.
The President visited different areas of campus on Wednesday morning. Here he makes remarks at the Yale School of Public Health.
A large crowd greeted the Salovey at West Campus.
Some in the crowd sported West Campus shirts and sweaters.
The Yale community was invited to take tours and attend various open houses. In Woodbridge Hall there was a display of presidential regalia.
Ascending the stairs on the way to the Harkness Tower carillon.
A tour of historic Hillhouse Avenue.
The President's House.
Sterling Memorial Library.
Michael Morand, deputy chief communications officer, gave tours of the Grove Street Cemetery.
Yale Catering provided a feast on Cross Campus.
Salovey addressing the crowd.
The Citations, a singing group made up of graduate students, provided entertainment.
The Yale Undergraduate Gospel Choir.
Cutting the big Y-shaped cake.
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Founders Day 2015

Yale marked its 314th birthday with a Founders Day celebration on Oct. 7.