Caitlin Teal Price, "Clarice, In Red," 2010
Aaron Gilbert, "How A Man Gets A Woman Back," 2015
Alteronce Gumby, "My president is black but my painting is Blue," 2015
Anoka Faruqee, "2014P-43," 2015
Tschabalala Self, "Black Love," 2015
Hannah Price, "Morning Commute, Septa R5," 2010
Res, "Trophy," 2015
Michael Queenland, "Rudy's Ramp of Remainders (Tilted Dial - Planetary Orientation)," 2012
Ilona Szwarc, "Untitled," 2015
Zoe Walsh, "Untitled, After Wilhelm von Gloeden," 2015
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'New Genealogies: 2016' at Yale School of Art

An exhibition at the Yale School of Art presents the work of faculty, students, and alumni to create an informal biography of the nation’s oldest professional school for fine arts.