YaleNews Books in Brief 2016

YaleNews features works recently or soon to be published by members of the University community. Descriptions are based on material provided by the publishers. Authors of new books may forward publishers’ book descriptions to us by email.


House of Lost Worlds: Dinosaurs, Dynasties, and the Story of Life on Earth

Richard Conniff, associate at the Peabody Museum of Natural History

(Yale University Press)


Exploration and Discovery

David K. Skelly, director of the Peabody Museum of Natural History, and Thomas J. Near, associate professor in ecology and evolutionary biology

(Yale University Press)


A New Deal for Old Age: Toward a Progressive Retirement

Anne L. Alstott, the Jacquin D. Bierman Professor of Law

(Harvard University Press)


American Amnesia

Jacob S. Hacker, the Stanley B. Resor Professor of Political Science, and Paul Pierson, professor of political science at the University of California-Berkeley

(Simon & Schuster)


The Tides of Mind: Uncovering the Spectrum of Consciousness

David Gelernter, professor of computer science

(W.W. Norton & Company)


The Death of Cancer

Dr. Vincent T. DeVita Jr., the Amy and Joseph Perella Professor of Medicine, and Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn

(Sarah Crichton Books)


From Silk to Silicon: The Story of Globalization Through Ten Extraordinary Lives

Jeffrey E. Garten, Dean Emeritus of the Yale School of Management



Bach’s Major Vocal Works: Music, Drama, Liturgy

Markus Rathey, associate professor of music history

(Yale University Press)


The Theological Anthropology of David Kelsey

Edited by Gene Outka, professor emeritus of divinity and of religious studies

(Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.)


Mounting Frustration: The Art Museum in the Age of Black Power

Susan E. Cahan, associate dean for the arts at Yale College

(Duke University Press)


The Importance of Being Little: What Preschoolers Really Need from Grownups

Erika Christakis, lecturer in the Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy & associate master, Silliman College



The Future of Law and Economics: Essays in Reform and Recollection

Guido Calabresi, Sterling Professor Emeritus of Law

(Yale University Press)


Meant to Be Shared: The Arthur Ross Collection of European Prints

Suzanne Boorsch, the Robert L. Solley Curator of Prints and Drawings

(Yale University Press)


Flourishing: Why We Need Religion in a Globalized World

Miroslav Volf, the Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology

(Yale University Press)


Eternity Street: Violence and Justice in Frontier Los Angeles

John Mack Faragher, the Howard R. Lamar Professor of History & American Studies

(W.W. Norton & Company)


Making Morocco: Colonial Intervention and the Politics of Identity

Jonathan Wyrtzen, assistant professor of sociology and of history

(Cornell University Press)


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