Initiative challenges New Haveners to lose 375,000 pounds

To commemorate New Haven’s 375th anniversary, city residents are being asked to work together to lose a collective 375,000 pounds in two years.

The goal, aimed at reducing obesity in the city, was announced on Sept. 25 at the first meeting of the Get Healthy Connecticut initiative at Beulah Heights First Pentecostal Church in New Haven. The initiative is led by Community Services administrator Althea Marshall Brooks, Dr. Jeannette Ickovics of Yale School of Public Health, and Yale-New Haven Hospital,

At the meeting, Marta Moret, president of Urban Policy Strategies and “first lady” of Yale, and Ann Greene, a community activist in New Haven’s West River neighborhood, spoke about their boundary-crossing work to improve the health of under-served communities. The event aimed to establish working groups to strengthen nutrition and exercise across the city.

“I am committed to supporting the widest possible partnership for better health in our city,” said Moret. “Working together, I believe that New Haven can step forward as a model for the nation.”