Meet Yale's summer globetrotters

Photos: Yale's summer globetrotters

Whim ’n Rhythm, Yale's all-senior female a cappella group, embarked on an international tour that took them to Japan, India, and France, among other destinations. The group had the opportunity, while in Japan, to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.
Yale medical school student Sean Mbachu and Lisa Zhang ’16 conducted research on hepatitis prevalence in Kigali, Rwanda, under the Yale Collaborative Action Project. On a weekend trip, they met fellow Yalie Joshua Spinak ’98 who was traveling in East Africa. They all hiked through Nyugwe Rainforest the next day.
With support from a Yale Summer Environmental Fellowship, Nora Moraga-Lewy ’16 spent a month interning and researching in Lampedusa, Italy, with a small NGO dedicated to sea turtle conservation and fisheries education. She then traveled to Sicily (pictured here) to interview other groups involved in similar efforts.
With support from Yale’s Schools of Medicine and Public Health, Damian Weikum ’15, Kaysia Ludford ’14, and Enrico Ferro ’14 presented their research on neurocognitive impairment, substance abuse, and HIV risk behaviors and treatment outcomes at the International AIDS Society Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Singers from the Yale Alleycats met with the students of the Seoul National School for the Blind after a performance. The Alley Cats visited South Korea as part of their 2013 summer tour. (Photo by Sho Matsuzaki ’14)
Mary Mussman ’15 spent her summer studying the culture and monuments of the High Middle Ages in France through the Yale Summer Session in Paris. Here is her class on a tour of the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine. (Photo by Mary Mussman ’15)
Students in the Yale Summer Session in Quito, Ecuador, took a four-day trip to the Amazon to visit an animal refuge, a butterfly refuge, and a nearby village. In the two-month summer course, students study Spanish while experiencing the culture of Quito and its surrounding communities. (Photo by John Curtis)
Didem Kaya ’16 and Sarah Yazji ’16 spent the summer studying Arabic in Amman, Jordan. They took a break from their studies to visit Petra, shown here.
Yale Schola Cantorum's Japan tour with Juilliard415 kicked off at Tokyo's Sougakudo Concert Hall. Schola, conducted by Masaaki Suzuki, also sang in Sendai and Osaka before heading for Singapore, where they toured the new Yale-NUS College, opening this fall.
Yale students who took part in the London School of Economics summer program showed their Yale pride at Edinburgh Castle. (Photo by Kenza Bouhaj ’16)
As part of the Yale Summer Session program, 16 Yalies were in Peru, where they enjoyed the sand dunes of Ica glowing in the sunset.
Erinma Kalu ’14 and Alexandra Friedman ’14 conducted a research project in Lima, Peru, on tuberculosis patients' levels of adherence to their medication. The two are pictured here at the San Cosme Health Center.
The Yale Children's Theater, an undergraduate group devoted to teaching, entertaining, and engaging kids with the dramatic arts, traveled to Taiwan to perform for more than 1,000 primary school students in Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Hualien City.
Aarti Daryanani ’15 studied at the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit in Cape Town, South Africa, researching the impact of South African social grants on the fall in inequality. She's pictured here at the top of Lion's Head Mountain.
These Yalies spent the summer in China through Bulldogs in Beijing, an International Bulldogs program offering work with businesses in a variety of fields. The group is pictured here at the Great Wall where they hiked 5-6 km along the unrestored Jinshanling section and camped overnight in one of the towers. (Photo: Irene Jiang '16)
Samantha Monge Kaser ’14 did research in India on sacred Indian architecture under the Robert C. Bates Summer Traveling Fellowship. She's pictured here visiting the holiest Sikh site, the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab, India.
These Yalies traveled to Brazil, where they studied Portuguese through the Yale Summer Session Program. The students spent the first four weeks in São Jose do Rio Preto and São Paulo and finished up their studies in Rio de Janeiro. (Photo by Philipp Arndt ’16)
The Yale Symphony Orchestra toured in Brazil, performing in concert halls in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. Pictured at the latter are Sam Becker, Nathaniel Meyer, Toshi Shimada, and Max Gordon.
With support from the Yale College Fellowship for Research in Health Studies, Enrico Ferro ’14 did a cross-sectional project on HIV and antiretroviral treatment in Malaysia in partnership with Yale's Schools of Medicine and Public Health. He is pictured at the base of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lampur.
These Yalies ran an HIV testing clinic at a hospital in Manglaralto, Ecuador, through the Yale-Ecuador HIV Clinic Initiative. The students studied the attitudes and stigma toward HIV.
Yale School of Architecture students R.J. Tripodi and Nick Kehegias are pictured here with their giant stone-carving robot in Garfagnana, Italy. The two conducted research for a month on CNC milling in solid marble as part of Mark Gage's "Disheveled Geometries" seminar.
The Yale Voxtet, a world-renowned group of voice majors from the Yale School of Music and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, performed in Burma during a visit to the region in June. (Photo by Ayeaye Naing)
With support from a Summer Environment Fellowship, Hans Bilger spent two months interning at NACRES, an NGO in the Republic of Georgia dedicated to biodiversity conservation and research. Bilger is pictured here near one of the Takhti Tepa mud volcanoes.
Yalies enjoy a sunny afternoon in Toledo, Spain, as part of the International Bulldogs Program in Madrid. Pictured here: David Marcano ’15, Cindy Sanabria ’14, Ekaterina Botchkareva ’16, Christian Rhally ’15, Taylor Valentine ’15, Teresa Parent ’14, and Yeseul Byeon ’15.
After finishing the Yale Summer Session Intermediate Portuguese Program, Yalie Philipp Arndt '16 stayed in Brazil to volunteer as a teacher with the Two Brothers Foundation in the Favela da Rocinha.
Josh Jacobs ’15 and fellow Yalies pose during an Israel Adventure Trip organized by Meor at Yale, a student group devoted to Jewish learning. The students hiked throughout the country in the mountains and the desert, rappelled down cliffs and waterfalls, jumped into pools of water, and visited Jerusalem.
Maia Eliscovich Sigal ’16 and Bianca Rey Caldas ’15, students in the Yale study abroad program in Brazil, are pictured here preparing specialties under the direction of chef Yara Roberts in the historic Brazilian city of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro.
Yale in London students pose in front of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square in London before a class field trip. The program offers Yale undergraduates the opportunity to take spring or summer courses in London at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art.
During the Spizzwinks(?) tour of Asia, the group's members enjoyed an off-stage moment singing and exchanging music with migrant workers in Shenzhen, China. The Yale performers gave a concert with the workers later that evening. (Photo: Nathaniel Dolquist'15)
These Yalies who received Light Fellowships to travel and study in South Korea climbed to the top of Bukhansan, 2,700 feet above the Seoul skyline to show their school pride. (Photo by Pek Shibao ’15)
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Whether they were there to work, study, conduct research, or perform, Yale students traveled to far-flung destinations around the globe this summer. Here is a look at just some of their international adventures.