Winter v. Spring

Photos: A snowy start to Spring Break

An early departure for spring break through the Timothy Dwight College gate.
Cross Campus.
A little color outside the door to the Calhoun master's house.
Silliman College.
The rooftops of Jonathan Edwards College with Harkness Tower in the background.
Outside Yale Station.
The Theodore Woolsey statue on Old Campus.
Making her way toward Phelps Gate and beyond for spring break.
Harkness Tower.
Phelps Gate looking toward the New Haven Green.
A light outside Linsly-Chittenden Hall.
Looking across to Pierson College.
The Nathan Hale statue on Old Campus.
Calder's "Lollipops and Gallows."
A bicycle left in Linonia Court at Branford College.
The main gate to Pierson College.
An early sign in Branford College courtyard that Spring is just around the corner.
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Even as Yale College students were packing their bags for Spring Break, they received a very emphatic reminder that Winter still isn't completely over yet. Do we dare hope, however, that this is its last hurrah?

The students, many of whom are heading to far-flung locales on educational or service trips, will return on March 25 — hopefully bringing much warmer weather with them.