Yale photo contest: The best shots

Photos: Yale photo contest: The best shots

A young racer on Cross Campus, by Nohra Bernal, staff affiliate at the School of Music. In her caption, she said, "When life gets foggy, Yale still brightens it up and the race goes on!"
An aerial photograph of Yale and downtown New Haven, by Victor Kang of Yale College. He noted that his photo shows "the connection between the campus and the Elm City."
A young boy visiting the Peabody Museum of Natural History with his mother (a Yale business manager), by Stephanie Anestis Ph.D. ’05. The museum, said Anestis, is "a place to witness the wonder and awe the natural world inspires."
The first snowfall at Yale, by Yale undergraduate and Floridian Timothy Baker. He writes in his caption: "Amidst this seemingly dreamlike sight are Yalies going about their business. ... That's when it hit me ... I go to Yale, where awe-inspiring is just the norm."
The first snow at night by graduate student Derek Feng (Department of Statistics), who says the campus was "transformed into a winter wonderland — Yale students take shelter inside the welcoming warmth of Sterling Library."
A view from below at Ingalls Rink, by Kathryn Douglas, associate director of career development at the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. She says that sometimes she's too busy to look up, but enjoys what she sees when she does.
A walkway leading from Caulkins Courtyard to Hillhouse Avenue, by School of Management student Lokesh Todi.
A June scene at the Yale Repertory Theatre, by Luc Erard, the spouse of a Yale postdoctoral student. Said Erard: "... I was amazed to see these workers perform inadvertently this kind of chart on the wall of the now-restored Yale Repertory Theatre."
As part of a survey of New Haven residents about their health, Paladin "Earl" Harris and Chelsie White go door-to-door, by Michael Greenwood, director of communication at the Yale School of Public Health. The survey was conducted by CARE (Community Alliance for Research and Engagement) at the School of Public Health.
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For the first-ever photo contest sponsored by the Office of Public Affairs & Communications, we asked for your best shots of Yale scenes, and what you captured is visual poetry. Here — in descending order — are the top photo submissions from Yale students, staff and community members, whose images range from scenes of the campus in snow to aerial views of the campus at night, to a shot of a youngster's delight during a visit to the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.