The world comes to Yale

Photos: The world comes to Yale

The Orientation for International Students (OIS) program is designed to ease international students' transition to the United States by familiarizing them with academic and social life in Yale College.
A sign featuring flags from many nations welcomes students to the OIS orientation.
Inside, a banner designed by OIS counselors
Ann Kulhman and Monica Weeks, director and assistant director of the Office of International Students and Scholars, respectively, track the arrival of incoming students.
Yale College Dean Mary Miller speaks to international students and their parents at the Welcome Reception.
The program is managed by a large team of OIS undergraduate counselors who live with orientation participants and make sure that their transition to college life is as smooth as possible.
In a playful moment, the counselors spell out the words OIS.
OIS introduces new students to the Yale campus and the city of New Haven, and includes discussions about academics, financial aid, employment opportunities, and extracurricular activities.
Time is scheduled for participants to set up bank accounts, get cell phones, and shop for those essential items not brought from home. These OIS participants get new phones so they can keep in touch with anxious parents.
A show of long-distance travelers: the students and families who traveled over 20 hours to make it to the orientation program.
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About 10% of the Yale College Class of 2016 comes from outside the United States, and on Aug. 20, many of them arrived on campus for a four-day orientation program before the beginning of the school year.

The program is organized by the Office of International Students and Scholars and aims to help students from all over the world, many of whom travelled over 20 hours to make it to New Haven, become acclimatized to a new country and a new academic environment.

Yale University is home to graduate and undergraduate students from almost 120 countries and every continent — with 85-plus countries represented in Yale College alone.