MEDIA ADVISORY: Yale experts offer insights on health care ruling

The following Yale faculty members are available to comment on the United States Supreme Court’s decision on the constitutionality of President Obama’s 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Their expertise spans political science, economics, public health, clinical care, and law.


Those seeking additional legal experts may contact the Yale Law School Office of Public Affairs: Jan Conroy, Director of Communications, 203 432-4849;

Kathy Colello, News Director, 203 432-4854;


Jacob Hacker, director of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies, and the Stanley B. Resor Professor of Political Science at Yale

Office: 203-432-5554


Harlan Krumholz, M.D., the Harold H. Hines Jr. Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) and Professor of Investigative Medicine and of Public Health (Health Policy)

Cell: 203-641-2501

Office: 203-764-5885


Jennifer Prah Ruger, associate professor of health policy, Yale School of Public Health, and adjunct associate professor of law, Yale Law School

Cell: 203-530-8931


Mark Schlesinger, professor of health policy, Yale University School of Public Health

Cell: 609-529-4646

Office: 203-785-4619


Zach Cooper, assistant professor at Yale School of Public Health and in the Department of Economics at Yale. Cooper is a health economist and an expert in health care policy.

Cell: 917-648-0822


Bruce Ackerman, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science


Akhil Amar, Sterling Professor of Law


Jack Balkin, Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment  


Stephen Carter, the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law   


Bill Eskridge, the John A. Garver Professor of Jurisprudence   


Heather Gerken, the J. Skelly Wright Professor of Law