Western blooms and lunchtime strolls

Spring has unleashed itself in many vibrant and gentle ways at West Campus. Flowering trees in pink, white and salmon beckon bees, migrating birds and lunchtime walkers. The expansive lawns, so recently snow covered, are emerald green under the morning sun as the  groundskeepers  mow and clip the many acres and budding scrubs. Male turkeys strut slowly about campus fanning their tail feathers hoping to impress possible mates.

If you enjoy nature or a leisurely stroll, come to West Campus — a shuttle runs every half hour. Bring a pair of sneakers or binoculars to walk the grounds and spy the varied wildlife. Enjoy the half-mile of marked nature trails or join the Wednesday lunchtime bird watching group. The West Campus Welcome Center, located at 141 Frontage Ave., Orange is open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday. Pack sunscreen, water, and a Yale ID — all Yale Community members are welcome.

Photos: The West Campus: Western blooms and lunchtime strolls

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